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We have put in place a global approach to reduce the impact of the campsite on the nature.



Each rental accomodation is equipped with a monitoring meter, in order to detect possible leaks.

The sanitary facilities, the public water taps and the rental accomodations are equipped with water savers. Our staff is trained to find leaks.



All of the rentals, the sanitary facilities and the public ligthting are equipped with low-energy bulbs.

The electric devices (fridge, oven...) are classified in the EU energy rating A or A+.



We use eco-responsible cleaning products.

We don't use chemical but natural fertilisers.

The green waste is recycled for compost.

  • Waste

  • The camping offers an area dedicated to selective waste sorting and a compost bin.

  • The accomodations are equipped with selective waste bins.

  • Dangerous waste and used food oils are stored a part and collected by specialised recycle companies.

  • Our disposable sheets are recycled to wintering fabric for the local occupation integration garden.

  • We recycle corks to the benefit of associations.

    • Customers

    • We no longer print and send paper brochures (less paper, no transport). We promote e-mail correspondence.

    • We recommend outings and visits in nature. Traffic on site is prohibited from 11pm to 7.30am.